Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Toast To The Most: 30 Is The New 30

You get a 30, you get a 30, and you get a 30 (Oprah Voice). This is literally what I have heard for the past eleven months. It feels as if everyone I know, and then some have reached this pivotal milestone at some point during the 2014 calendar year.

I will be honest with you, and let you know that I was dreading every bit of turning 30. Hell anyone who knows me knows that I have turned 21 for the past eight years…I kid you not. I know, I know, the saying goes “you get better with time, just like fine wine.” To heck with that…all I could think of was the downward spiral that would become my life once the clock struck 12AM on May 12th.

Let’s be honest here, everything is supposed to change at 30. The years start falling off like a Wal-Mart Rollback sale, the law of gravity kicks in…***everything that goes up, must come down*** if you get my drift, and hell life just changes!!!

Sam Cooke sure did have it right when he said A Change Was Gone Come. The clock did strike at 12AM on May 12th, and just like that life as I had come to know it was gone. Do not cry for me Argentina!!! Life has become so more invigorating, transparent, and AMAZING. My sister told me that it was just something about 30, because life just changes without any explanation whatsoever. She was right, once again….hell she is always right:/

Anyhow I do know that I love the ME that I have become, and continue to become since May of this year, and I am looking forward to the years ahead. I am walking around town with my Shreen 2.0 cape on, and it is EVERYTHING. I leave out the house every morning knowing that regardless of what life throws my way, I have the ability to get through it all while still looking and feeling fabulous. That my friends is nothing but them thirties!

I say all this to say that I was beyond blessed to experience all of life’s trials, tribulations, and triumphs for twenty-nine years. All of those things prepared me, and molded me into who I am today. Those life experiences were the setup for my getup. 30 is the new 30, grab a glass of something, and LIVE #itsacelebrationsnitches

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