Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Songs Of The Season: My Holiday Playlist

1.     This Christmas-Donny Hathaway
2.     All I Want For Christmas Is You-Mariah Carey
3.     Someday At Christmas-Stevie Wonder
4.     Every Year, Every Christmas-Luther Vandross
5.     TLC-Sleigh Ride
6.     Santa Claus Is Coming To Town-The Jackson 5
7.     Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer-The Temptations
8.     8 Days Of Christmas-Destiny’s Child
9.     The Christmas Song-The Whispers
10. Give Love On Christmas Day-The Temptations
11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas-Toni Braxton & Babyface
12. Let It Snow-Boyz II Men & Brian McKnight
13. Silent Night-The Temptations
14. What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas-The Emotions
15. Joy To The World-Whitney Houston & The Georgia Mass Choir

We are knee deep in the holiday season, and all the festivities that it brings. My holiday season is never complete until I hear all of the tunes that remind me of my childhood. My mother was very traditional for the holidays in the sense that she went all out for everything from decorations to family dinner.

While she was hard at work doing all of her prep work to ensure that my sister and I had the best holidays ever, there was always a signature soundtrack playing in the background. My mother played classic, soulful holiday tunes that featured Donny Hathaway, The Temptations, and The Jackson 5 just to name a few. My memories of her flipping the twelve-inch vinyl to the B-Side is so vivid, and vibrant!

It is those very memories that have translated into what has become my very own soundtrack for the holiday season. I have added a few new tunes here and there, but the foundation consists of staples from my childhood. I find solace in having my childhood memories as the backdrop for my holiday experiences as an adult. I can only hope that I will be able to provide such rich memories for my very own children one day in the future. 

It is 2014 so I will not be flipping the twelve-inch vinyl. However I will crank up the playlist on the Bluetooth speaker, and side step all throughout the houseJ So, checkout My Christmas Playlist, and feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations!

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