Saturday, February 14, 2015

Green With Envy: Buckets & Brims

I was battling a serious case of insomnia the other night, and I tried to remedy it by trolling the Internet streets. The bad news is that my insomnia won both the battle, and the war. The good news is that I stumbled across this wide-brimmed hat, and leather bucket bag. I literally hit the floor! I was still wide-awake, but I hit the floor nonetheless. Both of these items grabbed a spot on my Lust List.  Get into it….


                                                                   Yestadt Millinery Twin Hat  

I am currently exercising rationale, and discipline by forgoing these purchases. Just for the record, my will power is quite shaky. Major sideye to myself….a whole damn mess I know!  Maybe all of my problems will be resolved if I just repeat the words “Shreen you will not make the purchase” three times in a row. You know what……..never mind.

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