Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Funny Valentine: An Ode To Tracee Ellis Ross

Listen here… love runs deep for the utter perfection that is Miss Tracee Ellis Ross. I am here for any and everything she does, no quips or qualms about it. No seriously, it is pretty much an obsession and I am totally okay with it.

NYC Sidewalk/Catwalk-Feb 11, 2015

It all goes back to the affinity that I have for none other than Diana Ross. You must be living on a mountaintop in Tibet if you do not know that Tracee Ellis Ross is the offspring of Diana Ross! You heard me…she has direct lineage to the Supreme Diva, pun intendedJ I have lived for Diana Ross since I was a just a young girl, so it is only right that I grew up to stalk her daughter!
2015 NAACP Red Carpet

My love for Tracee is vintage, I am talking way back to when she was just Joan Carol Clayton on the hit series Girlfriends, which by the way is and was one of my favorite television shows. I was infatuated with the complexity of the character Tracee portrayed in Joan, because she was so many women wrapped into one. Joan was successful, naïve, witty, desperate, stylish, vulnerable, gorgeous, and a damn good friend! I was immediately drawn to the character, and Tracee and I have been BFFs in my head ever since. #judgeyourfriendwhowearscheapshoes

Late Night With Seth Myers

Fast forward to 2015 and my love has never wavered, nope not even once. I kid you not when I tell you that Tracee can do no wrong in my world. I would so stan out if I ever had the chance to meet her, her mother, Rihanna or Oprah. Yep, that is my short list of celebs I would totally faint for.

With all that said, I am just so damn happy that she is the March 2015 cover girl for Essence Magazine. The pics say everything you need to know, and then some. I shed a tear when I read her quote “I hope they look at me and think, that lady looks like she accepts herself.” That is exactly what I think each and every time I see her. She is AMAZING and oozes self-acceptance, love, and confidence. More importantly they gave my BFF not one, but two covers. #DoubleCoverFlowSnitches 

So, be sure to grab your copy of the March 2015 issue of Essence Magazine and dive deep into the world of Miss Tracee Ellis Ross. You can also get into Tracee via her social media handles, her website, and her lead role on ABC’s #1 Comedy, Black-ish. Get into her…NOW!

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