Monday, March 2, 2015

Hated It: Sole II Soul Restaurant

I am super excited to post my first restaurant review of the year. I Shreen Shuffled on down to the Soul II Soul Restaurant last Saturday to attend a friend’s birthday dinner. This establishment was supposed to feature upscale, southern cuisine. I was unable to research the restaurant or their menu beforehand because they do not have a functioning website, and their social media accounts have not been updated since 2012, yes you read that right! I was more than a bit skeptical about this place based on reviews posted on various internet, and social media platforms.

My sister-friend who is highly intuitive called it days before we arrived….she said “girl we are in for a night of pure foolishness!” Well, well, well she has yet to lead me to the wrong side of the tracks, and her intuition has a better record than Floyd Mayweather. So, with that said I am going to proceed to break this place down based on Service, Ambience/Décor, Food Quality/Presentation, and Overall Dining Experience.


The staff at this place was the most unprofessional, unseasoned, and unenthused I have ever encountered in my entire existence on earth. Their attitudes were beyond disgusting, requests for dining fundamentals such as water, and silverware went unrecognized for several hours. The facial expressions, and physical appearances of the staff members reeked of “I would rather be anywhere but here.” A staff member named Brian identified himself as the manager, and demonstrated the most dispicable behavior of them all. Even more ridiculous was the fact that he was managing a soul food restaurant, but had a button pinned to his shirt that read “Ask Me How You Can Lose Weight.” I was so confused….was he selling chicken wings or dietary supplements?

We were seated at one table at 8PM, and then we were told that we had to move to another table at 9:45PM. Meanwhile in that time span we had not even received a glass of ice water, let alone a dinner roll. Once we were moved to another table, we continued to wait until approximately 10:30PM to receive our entrees.


Where should I begin? There were holes in the ceiling from an unfinished light fixture project, the heating system was non-existent on a 23-degree evening, and the dining table we were seated at was bowed in the center. The linen was mismatched & very cheap, the chairs ranged from solid oak to plastic folding chairs, and the drink ware consisted of plastic Solo cups. The dinnerware was mismatched as well, and featured everything from plastic picnic juice pitchers to a cereal bowl masked as a breadbasket. I could go on, but this place is not even worth the characters it would take.

Food Quality/Presentation

I will cut right to the chase and tell you I would not let my eight-month-old puppy eat the food this place served. I ordered Fried Whiting with Baked Macaroni & Cheese, and Candied Yams. I received fish that was frozen opposed to fresh, cold macaroni that was the result of a poor reheating attempt, and yams that tasted like day old apple pie. The quality of the food was beyond poor, and the presentation was non-existent. This was the most disgusting southern cuisine I have ever experienced. Most of my family and friends were in agreement as they either picked scarcely over their food, or returned it back to the kitchen all together.

Overall Dining Experience

This was hands-down the most horrific dining experience of all time. I mean this establishment had to have set some type of Guinness World Record for the poorest dining experience. I would recommend that you drive past this restaurant and find another for your own sanity and satisfaction. Sole II Soul Restaurant had a million things wrong with it from the safety hazards in the dining area, to the lack of customer service, and everything in between.  On a scale of 1 to 10, this establishment gets a -5. This has all led to the deduction that I absolutely HATED IT!

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