Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lip Locked: The Power of the P.U.R.P.L.E.

AAAAAAHHHHH spring is so close that I can smell it….literally as I type this post, and the fresh air rushes in through my windows. If I have not said this before, spring makes me happy, very happy to be exact. Maybe it is because I am a spring baby, and it is deeply embedded in my DNA…or maybe notL Nonetheless I get very excited with just the thought of the seasons changing. All of the textures and tones that come with spring just get me all in a tizzy, and I like it!

Staying true to my mantra that a good lip can transform you from subpar to superb in a matter of seconds, I bring you my fab faves for all things purple lipstick. I mean a good purple lip just screams spring right?


I am in love with all of the options ranging from bright fuchsias to deep grapes. Purple lipstick is a constant staple in my Spring/Summer makeup box, and I cannot wait to make these lips pop! I am excited to serve Barney realness for the next few months! Checkout my fab faves, and feel free to share yours.  

Quick Tip-Get the most out of any lip color by dabbing a bit of flesh tone concealer onto your lips. This provides a neutral canvas for your lip color, and gives you the most pigmented result.

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