Wednesday, May 27, 2015

All of The Brights: Prepped, Primed & Polished

Summer is fast approaching, and with that comes open toed shoes, standing manicure/pedicure appointments, and an abundance of bright polish options. I am here for every, last bit of that!

One of my preferred polish brands is Essie because of their great quality. There are a million other polish brands on the market, but I chose to highlight my personal preference. So, get into my favorite bright colors for the upcoming summer season.

1. Fashion Playground |  2. DJ Play That Song  |  3. Play Date  |  4. Bachelorette Bash  |  5.  E-nuf is E-nuf  |  6. Coat Auzre  |  7. Tart Deco 

Quick Tips- Make your polish pop by priming your nails with a good base coat, hydrate your cuticles with coconut oil once or twice a week, and rub a pumice stone across the heels of your feet several times a week if you are just as much a fan of flat sandals as I am!

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Bucket List: Light, Bright & Right

I am totally digging bucking bags at this moment in my life! I carried my Zara Leopard Bucket Bag (retired), that was featured on my 2014 Holiday Wishlist, throughout the entire winter season.

My obsession continues to run deep as the seasons change here on the east coast. Do not get it confused, because I am still rocking my Zara Leopard Bucket Bag. However I wanted to mix up my options for the hot summer months ahead.

In the true essence of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” I picked up another bucket bag from Zara. This time she is Light, Bright & Right! I am lusting over this bag because it is so versatile. I can go for the full bucket bag look at night, or the cross-body messenger look during the day. The leather is of good quality, and the foiled gold lining made this a no brainer!

Do not fret because the bag is white leather.  I covered all grounds…a damp cloth or Clorox Bleach Wipe will remove any dust, scuffs, or splashes of wine the bag may encounter this summer. My bag had a date with all of these in its debut weekend. #FreakMyLife

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Relax, Release, & Rejuvenate: The Rittenhouse Spa

Each year I like to celebrate the national holiday that is my birthday by heading out for a spa day. Another year of life is a total blessing. What better way to prepare for the next year than recharging your mind, body and spirit?

This year I opted for a change of scenery and made reservations at the swanky, five star Rittenhouse Spa, which is located in the upscale Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Philadelphia. I definitely have to share my overall experience with you all, and trust me you will not be disappointed.


The service was nothing shot of AMAZING! From the moment I arrived at the valet depot I was literally whisked away. A spa concierge named Katherine was assigned to me, and she was born for that role. Her attention to detail, and perceptive qualities ensured I never had to ask for a thing. She was always ten steps ahead of me, and kept my champagne flute overflowing with Mimosas. #winning

I booked a full day of services….I mean it was my birthday! I began my services with a 60 Minute Full Body Hot Stone Massage. I may have lost consciousness once or twice during this service, it was just that damn good. My masseuse was named Mary Ellen, and let’s just say she graduated in the top five of her class. She worked out an entire year worth of nooks and crannies in just 60 minutes…Go Mary Ellen!

Once I finished my massage, knocked back a few mimosas, and chit chatted with my sister friends, I proceeded to my 60 Minute Natural Facial. Listen Linda…..I fell asleep and woke back up to the sound of my own snoring. Yep this too was just that damn good! Who falls asleep during a facial? Oh the girl who is serviced by the Lead Esthetician, Kelly. So, if the masseuse was in the top five, Kelly was Summa Cum Laude!

I wrapped up my services with a Classic Manicure & Pedicure, which is just what I needed to round out the experience. In addition to a tre chic mani/pedi, I got some of the most fun and entertaining conversation from my manicurist, Kim. She was excellent, and kudos to her for working on Mother’s Day while her family was at home! No worries she left after she finished servicing meJ It was nice to be serviced by a celebrity manicurist, I have been telling folks my entire life that I am a star!


I am obsessed with the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Specifically the part where Julia Roberts heads to Bali, Indonesia! I love this part of her journey because she gets to refuel her spirit in a tranquil setting. Now Rittenhouse Square is the where the privileged play, but it is no ones Bali. However the spa came very close as they created an ambience that was as tranquil, calm, and serene as you are going to get in Philadelphia. The décor was elegant, meticulous, and utter perfection. From the private retreat lounge that was filled with candles, complimentary beverages & snacks, to the rooftop sundeck, pool and the sauna. It was sheer excellence.


Did I mention that this spa was located inside the five star Rittenhouse hotel? Oh yeah I did tell you that already. Well lets just say that the spa earned every, single one of those five stars! The robes and slippers were plush and of superior quality, the drinks and snacks were delish, the products used during my services were top notch, and the staff was just to die for! This spa reeks of quality and sophistication, all with the urban jungles serving as the backdrop.

Overall Experience

EVERYTHING!!! It was just what the doctor ordered, well technically what I ordered…never mind. My sister friends and I loved the Rittenhouse Spa so much that we are already prepping for next year. I am also penciling in a quarterly massage and facial, because a girl needs to recharge more than once a year. I am so appreciative of the overall experience I had. It was the perfect birthday gift, along with a few blue Tiffany boxes! 

So, be sure to book your appointment sooner than later if you live in the Philadelphia area. The Rittenhouse Spa is my new refuge from life, and it is as close as I will be getting to Bali, Indonesia during the 2015 calendar year. #IyanlaPleaseFixMyLife

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