Monday, May 25, 2015

Bucket List: Light, Bright & Right

I am totally digging bucking bags at this moment in my life! I carried my Zara Leopard Bucket Bag (retired), that was featured on my 2014 Holiday Wishlist, throughout the entire winter season.

My obsession continues to run deep as the seasons change here on the east coast. Do not get it confused, because I am still rocking my Zara Leopard Bucket Bag. However I wanted to mix up my options for the hot summer months ahead.

In the true essence of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” I picked up another bucket bag from Zara. This time she is Light, Bright & Right! I am lusting over this bag because it is so versatile. I can go for the full bucket bag look at night, or the cross-body messenger look during the day. The leather is of good quality, and the foiled gold lining made this a no brainer!

Do not fret because the bag is white leather.  I covered all grounds…a damp cloth or Clorox Bleach Wipe will remove any dust, scuffs, or splashes of wine the bag may encounter this summer. My bag had a date with all of these in its debut weekend. #FreakMyLife

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