Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Beaded Bliss: D.I.Y. Candle Holder

I am knee-deep in designing and crafting my “Outdoor Oasis” a.k.a. “My Patio.” I am running against the seasonal clock, as the official start of summer is just a few weeks away.

I decided to do a mix of purchased goods and Do-It-Yourself crafts. I am all for finding inspiration on the internet, specifically Pinterest. The problem is that I want to take on the task of every cool project that I find. Reality and my discipline reared their ugly heads, and I narrowed my Do-It-Yourself projects down to a handful:/

My “Outdoor Oasis” will be my place of refuge throughout the summer months. So, it must be filled with serenity, and tranquility. Nothing says peace like candles! However I cannot just light a candle as that would be just be flat out boring. So, I tasked myself with making these fabulous candle holders. The best part is that these were beyond easy, and they cost a whopping $2! #winnerwinnerchickendinner

I swung past the local Dollar Tree store and grabbed these small glass bowls, and several bags of colored marbles. All you need is a high temperature hot glue gun, and a few hours to spare. This project was super simple, as there was no rhyme or reason to the process. Simply glue the individual marbles onto the glass bowl…yes that is it! Feel free to glue the marbles in any manner that you see fit. I went with the method of gluing them side-by-side, around the entire bowl, and voila! 

Come on, admit it, they look very pretty, and relaxing. Now all I need is a chilled glass of white wine!

Quick Tip-A high temperature hot glue gun is required. Glass is a less porous material. The higher temperature allows for better adhesion, and higher durability. I purchased my glue gun, and sticks from a craft store for just under $10. Also, one glass bowl requires one bag of marbles. 

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