Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice: The Spice Suite

A few weeks ago I was scrolling across the Internet when I stumbled across a food picture that had me drooling at the mouth. Obviously I clicked on the picture only to discover far more than well photographed food. Low and behold I unlocked the door to The Spice Suite. It was just as it sounds, MAGICAL!!! I trolled the Instagram page of the business for at least thirty minutes lusting, ooooohhing and ahhhhhing. I then headed over to the website of the business, and proceeded to fist pump as it was a legitimate site!!! Hands in the air now because it was a black-owned business!!! Officially wobbling at this point because a sister owned the business, which promotes sustainability in the community in which it operates. #spicesuiteforthewin

To know me is to know that I am a total foodie who puts on for her family and friends in the kitchen. #IBurn As I scrolled through the extensive list of exotic spices, herbs, and oils I was literally in lust! I concluded that I needed to get to The Spice Suite immediately, and that I did. I pulled one of my infamous roooooaaaddd trips down to DC and visited The Spice Suite the next weekend.  

In true #BLH fashion I am going to review The Spice Suite based on Service, Ambience/Décor, Product Quality/Presentation, and Overall Experience.


I walked into the store and was immediately greeted by the owner, Angel Anderson with a very warm welcome. She proceeded to ask me a number of questions regarding whether I cook, what I liked to cook, and what exactly brought me into the store. She gave me an entire consultation, along with my entire LIFE as she helped me overhaul my spice rack and cabinets. Angel literally walked up and down the endless rows of magic aka imported spices, infuses oils, and hand crafted sugars with me. 


Can I tell you how much I adored The Spice Suite’s storefront? It is nestled amongst several black-owned businesses, the fragrant spices waft through the air, and hit you as soon as you turn onto the block in search of parking! The interior is filled with vintage décor, meticulously stocked shelves, and chalkboard painted walls that actually have recipes listed so that customers can take their products home, and actually put them to good use. The lighting and ambience screamed “come in, sit down, and stay a while” as if you were visiting an old friend. I loved, loved, loved EVERYTHING about it.




I seriously think I bought one of everything in the store, or at something remotely close to it. I just had to make my trek to the Holy Mecca of Spices worth my while. I bought the richest, most robust Vanilla Extract, Cubeb Pepper, Merlot Sea Salt, Blueberry Sugar, and so much more. All of the products are showcased in clear glass jars and bottles, and they are not hidden behind loud, large labels so you can literally see what you are getting!

Now let me be honest with you all….The Spice Suite sells high-end, gourmet, imported spices, oils and sugars. The Spice Suite’s products have an average retail price of $10-$11. This is not your mama’s Lawry’s Seasoning Salt that costs $4 down on aisle six! You literally get what you pay for when it comes to The Spice Suite’s products, and what you pay for is quality, which I will take over quantity any day of the week.   

Overall Experience

My visit to The Spice Suite was EXCELLENT! This place was voted Best of D.C. 2016 for a reason, which is that it is superb and in a league of its own. If you are a foodie, home cook, gourmet chef, or someone who does not have a clue as to where to begin in the kitchen I strongly encourage you to visit The Spice Suite. Angel makes you feel like family as soon as you walk in the front door, and makes what could be an overwhelming experience, just another day of talking with a good friend.

I am transitioning to a much healthier lifestyle as we speak, and for the first time in a very long time I am actually looking forward to the journey. I am not worried about eating the same boring, stale meals everyday. Instead I am thinking about ways to make my meals fresh, colorful and full of rich flavors courtesy of The Spice Suite. I have been revamping my weeknight menu since I returned from The Spice Suite, and slowing down is not in the foreseeable future. Angel gave me recipes and meal ideas for every, single spice, sugar, and oil I purchased, which got my gears grinding and my culinary juices flowing. I have been incorporating The Spice Suite’s products into all of my meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I cannot wait to get back to The Spice Suite to stock up on more goodies. I hope to see all of you there as well supporting a female, black-owned business that is done right. I wish Angel nothing but greatness in the continued building of her brand, and immense growth and sustainability in her business.

Check out The Spice Suite via their social media handles on Facebook and Instagram (their pictures are AMAZING), and you MUST visit their physical location:

The Spice Suite
6902 4th Street NW Washington, DC 20012
Hours: Tue-Fri 9AM - 4PM 
  Sat-Sun 12PM - 6PM

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