Sunday, May 29, 2016

Doing Whatever I Want: My Grown Ass Woman Years

It's my birthday month, SALUTE!! My actual birthday was a few weeks ago, and for the first time ever I was Man Down y'all. To know me is to know that my birthday is my favorite holiday, which I celebrate to the utmost, religiously. So, to not be well on my own damn birthday......#BRUH! I suppose that was The Universe's way of saying "be still child." I am grateful for the opportunity to self reflect. My 30s have been good to me, they really have. I am wishing, hoping and praying to The Universe that the years continue to get greater, later.

I understand that with time comes wisdom, and every day is another lesson in this thing called life. I have acquired enough wisdom over the years to know that I play a pivotal role in living the life I (yeah me, hands raised) want. This is not something that comes overnight, it takes hard work, patience, and the possibility of ruffling a few feathers along the way (their problem, not mines). My 30s have provided me growth, depth, insight, foresight, and a bit more fly! These have officially been what I have coined "My Grown Ass Woman Years." It is exactly how it sounds, I am living my life to the fullest, and on my own terms, all while having appreciation for the things and people in my life that actually matter. That is a gem provided by time, you acquire the skill set to assess what actually matters versus what does not. Let me be honest y'all......a lot of things just do not matter to me in my 30s, that may have in my younger years. I think this is a residual of the concept that the clock is moving forward, and time waits for no woman. So, why waste time pondering, worrying, rolling around in stuff that simply has no substance, and adds no value to your life or purpose? With all that said, I have road mapped what it means to ME to be basking in all of the glory of that is My Grown Ass Woman Years:
  1. Not a F to give. Not a one. You heard me?
  2. Without boundaries.
  3. No regrets.
  4. Challenging myself to inspire change within myself.
  5. Celebrating my girlfriends and not tearing them down.
  6. Religiously practicing transparency and reciprocity in all of my relationships (I am not playing with this one right here, my time is valuable, I am too grown to worry about foolishness, I say what is on my mind and exactly how I feel, and dammit my energy gives LIFE!!)
  7. Embracing new relationships and new beginnings with open arms (I am accepting select friend applications at this point y'all. It is okay to infuse new flavor into your tribe. I love being around fresh, fun, bad ass women. They make me better.).
  8. Taking absolutely no crap from anyone or anything.
  9. Actually pursuing all of those dreams from my 20s.
  10. Loving unconditionally and standing all up in it!
  11. Kicking my feet up whenever the hell I want.
  12. Doing the most whenever I see fit.
  13. Enhancing my fly on the regular (so necessary).
  14. Staying ready so I do not ever have to get ready (my personal life mantra).
  15. Moisturizing my hair, skin and nails religiously.
  16. Treating my body like a temple (baby steps, but I am getting there because I want to live FOREVA).
  17. Living fulfilling days that will ultimately lead to my best life yet (Oprah voice).
  18. Saying sorry when I know my ass is dead wrong (I am human).
  19. Going from short curly hair to a sleek straight bob in just minutes (clips ins are LIFE).
  20. Blasting my fave tunes from Sade to Drake at ignorant levels.
  21. Doing EPIC SHIT!!
  22. Being unapologetically me!
If you are reading this and saying "she has changed, she is feeling herself, she….blah blah….please step aside as you are standing in my light #carryon

Shoutout to all my Party Peeps near and far that wished me well on my birthday. #gratefulIiam In light of being down for the count on my actual birthday, I had a Rebound Birthday celebration the following weekend. Mad love to all of my girlfriends who showed up, and showed out for their girl! If you flaked on me, no problem as we had a drank or two for you too. Remember there is no love loss in your 30s, we simply accept people for who they are, and keep the party going.

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