Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Living For The Weekend: Laurita Winery

Summer is just about here on the east coast you guys. We pretty much had winter, two days of spring, winter again, and then went straight to summer. Nothing says summer like my feet kicked up, fellowshipping with my tribe of sister-friends, and a chilled glass (read bucket) of sangria. This is exactly how I love to spend many of my summer weekends. Yes, it is fun to partake in my favorite past time on my patio, or in the backyards of my friends, but it is even better at a beautiful, scenic winery.

I smoked my first cigar during my last visit.

We have no shortage of wineries in, or remotely close to Pennsylvania from New Jersey, to New York, to Maryland. This winery is relatively close to Philadelphia, as it is approximately one hour outside of the city. I have tried tons of wineries, but none of them resonate with my spirit quite like Laurita Winery in New Egypt, NJ. This place is near and dear to my heart, and I get excited just thinking about it.

Look at all of that wine.....

Laurita Winery is spacious, family-owned and operated, inviting, and an all around good time.  Unlike many other wineries, it is not stuffy or snobby, and you always feel right at home. Their vineyard has capacity to host thousands, there is more than enough indoor and outdoor seating, and MOST importantly they have Sweet Red Sangria that is to die for! Laurita Winery's Sweet Red Sangria is made with their Tailgate Red Wine and it is sweet, flavorful, and it packs an unexpected punch (my kind of drank). They have a host of wines available, with something to please every palette.

Potent Punch aka Sweet Red Sangria

They host affordable events throughout the year, and they really rev up the fun during the warmer months. FYI...the food truck events are the best EVER and my personal fave as I get to dibble and dabble in all sorts of good eats to satisfy my inner foodie. #EmpanadaGuy for the win any damn day.

                   Yum, yum, and then some. #GoodEats

Parking is always free, and they offer complimentary shuttles to and from the vineyard throughout the day. I round up all of my girlfriends several times a year, and we make the trek to Laurita Winery for a day of fun in the sun. We have so much fun, and are always yearning for our next visit.

#Tribe (My sister and girlfriends) Hey Y'all!

This winery is the complete package in my eyes, and a total WIN! So, be sure to check out Laurita Winery’s website, and their Events Page to see the calendar of upcoming events. Who knows…I may run into you there doing what I do best....see below. 

Pour up, drank! #cheerstothefreakingweekend

If you are not local, and cannot visit the winery in person, no worries as you can defer to my killer Sangria Recipe that I posted last year (it still goes hard in the paint). 

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