Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Living in The Moment: All #Summer16

Soooooooo I have been M.I.A. all #Summer16, but for good reason. I was practicing the fine art of Living in The Moment. It has been absolutely amazing, and far more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. My summer consisted of sixteen, count em’….sixteen weeks of fun, sun, fellowship, and relaxation. Trust when I tell you that my spirit thanks me.

One great thing about Living in The Moment is that you come to appreciate the most basic things in life, discover new things in the world, and most importantly learn yourself. This is a total win-win in my book!

In #Summer16 I came to love social cigar smoking, basked in the gospel that my girlfriends spewed, and discovered new libations including a new selection of wines, hard cider and the almighty T.H.O.T juice. I danced, I danced a lot….in the rain (no worries as I was wearing my waterproof hair), in 90+ degree weather, in dive bars, in sophisticated lounges, in five inch heels, and in Converse Chuck Taylor’s. I became a self-proclaimed Wigologist, religiously celebrated others, and I hosted and attended countless Girls Nights. I took amazing selfies, had impromptu photoshoots in Harlem, and captured the most candid moments on film. I participated in planned road trips, as well as impromptu overnight trips. I reconnected with old friends and family, and made connections with many new folks. I fellowshipped with family and friends, and practiced loving those most important to me even harder. I demanded reciprocity from those family and friends, and was blessed in abundance.

I committed to exploring myself, and pushing the “safe” version of me beyond self-imposed boundaries, and dammit it felt good. I spent many nights alone, blasting jams from the 90s, sipping chilled wine, and getting further in tune with myself. I spent a few weekends doing absolutely nothing while I lay in bed napping throughout the day, snacked unapologetically, and binge watched some really great shows. I ate things that were healthy for my mind, body, and soul and felt really good afterwards. I also ate some shit that was not so good for my body without the guilt that typically follows. I wore bright lipstick, textured head wraps, fly sunglasses, short shorts, and Panama Hats. I let many things go….plain and simple, and this made life easier. I ran a few miles here and there and determined that I am pretty damn good at it, and realized that I should prescribe myself a daily dosage to get my endorphins flowing, stimulate my willingness to take on the world, and align myself for the day ahead (work in progress…). I decreased my worries and increased my carefree mindset after coming to terms with the fact that I cannot control the circumstances or situation, but only how I react to the same (to be continued….). I accepted people for who they were, and came to understand that life’s seasons are both purposeful and meaningful.

Bottom line is that #Summer16 was good to me, it did wonders for my spirit, and afforded comfort to my soul. It provided added value to my journey of living my best life, and granted me many life experiences. My practice of Living in The Moment will continue, but I will be back to blogging consistently in the process:)

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