Thursday, December 15, 2016

Starving Brothers: Y'all Hungy Huh? 

What a time to be alive....Charlemagne is having photo ops with Tomi Lahren, Trevor Noah is sending her cupcakes as a band aid for the wounds he gave  her while on his show, and Kanye's simple ass is shucking and jiving with Trump. 

Let me be very clear here...Tomi Lahren is Ann Coulter on steroids, slapped on the face and body of an appealing Maxim magazine girl. Trump ran for the office of president on one the most racist, hate filled platforms EVER! All while having a documented history of hate for people of color and women. 

These are two of the most divisive, hate mongers in the universe and you have black men putting them on a pedestal. I have a HUGE problem with this as it is dangerous, and downright delusional all in one swoop! What you have is influential black entertainers normalizing bigotry, hatred, sexism and racism just as mainstream media normalizes white supremacy by labeling it some bullshit ass Alt-Right (what in thee fuck is this). 

I shared a video of Kanye's dumb ass tootsie rolling with Trump to my personal Facebook page a few days ago, and the comments started rolling in. Some people were in disbelief, some were empathetic for Kanye's deteriorating mental state, while others saw no error in his simple ass ways (yeah I thought they were tripping too). Then my amazing sister-friend sent me this bomb ass video featuring spoken word artist, Jasmine Mans entitled “Footnotes to Kanye.” Yeah it was EVERYTHING! 

This video was about more than Mr. Kardashian, it was also about all of the pseudo/former brothers who are starving. They are hungry as shit for forgiveness, love, and dopeness from us queens. Guess what.....they can't have none of our magic! Their growling stomach asses gone starve today, I promise you that. 

Many of these dudes betray, degrade, and hate us queens just as much as they hate themselves. No worries as the queens are doing really good...we shine so hard that others jack our greatness on the daily. While others are busy buying our bodies and hair, speaking our dialect, and lusting up on the broken brothers of Christmas past, they fail to realize that they could never buy our strength, resilience, fly, or collard greens (fuck Neiman Marcus). See previous post on Black Girl Magic if you need more enlightenment.

Sisters I encourage (Spanish for Hype Man) you to continue starving these culture vulture ass clowns of all your greatness. We need all our energy and magic for the existing and impending struggles that we are sure to face at the hands of the very people those Hungry Men are smiling with, standing for and going above and beyond to claim. 

In the meantime, LOVE the shit out of your good ass men, daddies, brothers and uncles who deserve all your joy!  #starvetheirasses #youhungryson #starveninja #wewouldthrowyouabiscuitbut #culturevultureassclown #lovetheshitoutyoman 

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