Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pettiness: Spanish for Misery 

These days it seems as if everywhere you turn there is some reference to “Queen Petty,” “Petty Crocker,” or “Petty Murphy.” You have grown women out here battling to be leader of The Petty Free World…sigh.

The way I see it, pettiness is an art form. I mean you must be seriously disciplined in your studies to obtain credentials in spitefulness. The reality is that many women are more devoted to maintaining their status of petty, than they are to areas of their lives that could prove far more rewarding.

Some people find great entertainment in scrolling through their timelines and seeing this one post subliminal memes in response to that one’s indirect status. I think I speak for Grown Ass Women everywhere when I say we find no solace in seeing women tearing one another down, regardless of the reason.

You see pettiness is easily translated into MISERY….yeah that’s right…MISERY. Trust when I tell you that there is nothing complimentary, or flattering about being a miserable woman. Misery is taxing on your spirit, consumes each ounce of your energy, drains every bit of moisture from your skin, and provides a clear depiction of the void and emptiness in your life.

You mean to tell me that you would rather spend your day demeaning others, opposed to elevating yourself? Yeah that’s some ole miserable, bitter, basic mess right there that I simply cannot engage. What the “Petty Waps” of the world fail to realize is that misery pushes quality people and things out of their lives. That kind of negative energy is toxic, and dangerous. I promise you that GROWN folk simply do not want to, nor do they have to deal with it. We keep it moving, and figuratively laugh from across the room at the levels of pathetic foolishness being displayed.

While #TeamPetty members are going through leaps and bounds trying to one up the next person, keeping up facades, and doing their best to get under the skin of certain people, they are literally dying on the inside. Meanwhile me and all the other Grown Ass Women are out here glowing, shining, striving, and basking in the glory that is our HAPPINESS. Moral of the story: Grown Ass Women stay WINNING, while “Petty Betties” are straight LOSING across the board. Adjust your crowns queens, and push thru negative energy and people!

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