Sunday, November 19, 2017

Budget Beauty: Drugstore Faves

Can I just tell y'all that as of late I have become the self-proclaimed "Queen of The Drugstore" when it comes to this here glam. For many, many, many years I was a luxury brand loyalist. I am talking everything from MAC to Kevyn Aucoin, and everything in between. Over the past nine to ten months I have found myself moving away from the high-end, luxury brands and shimmying right on down to the drugstore. 

In years past when you mentioned "drugstore"to me I would cringe at the thought of low quality products, with poor shade ranges and lackluster product lines. Much has changed in the cosmetic industry over the past few years, and more specifically within the past twelve to eighteen months. Product quality has improved significantly, shade options range from ivory to deep cocoa, textures include dewy and matte, product lines are vast, plentiful and long-wearing, and the price point is unmatched. 

I am often asked about my product breakdowns when wearing my full glam, and most people are surprised when I run off a laundry list of drugstore products. As a former professional makeup artist, I promise you that you can rock drugstore makeup just as well, if not better than the luxury brands. It is literally all in the product application and technique. Properly preparing, setting, and sealing your face will ensure rich, long-wearing makeup regardless of the brand or price point. 

The best part about drugstores is that they offer affordable baseline pricing, and most have coupon and reward programs that afford even greater deals. I live in my local CVS and I stack the hell out of my coupons and extra bucks. I split purchases, and utilize rebates so well that the cashier asks me for pointers! I tear CVS up and hear me? I am talking $72 worth of cosmetics for $11, yeah that kind of deal. 

Another benefit of drugstore makeup is that if you travel a great deal you will not pass out should you forget a staple product at home. I used to travel a ton for my previous job and I always forgot some form of makeup. No worries as I would find the nearest drugstore and replace whatever I forgot at home, because the drugstore brands are available nationwide. 

I wanted to share some of my Drugstore Faves with you guys. Many of the products outlined above are my "Holy Grails" of the moment. Specifically that damn Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter and the Salon Perfect Lashes (swoons).

Here are a few recent pictures of me rocking full drugstore glam.

Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter
Nuance Nail Lacquer-Prickly Pear
Maybelline Matte Ink Lipstick-Lover                                               
Be sure to check out the products above, and comment below about your experience. Feel free to share some of your fave drugstore products as well. 

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