Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Be Kind: Resolving To Live Better

It’s that time of year when everyone resolves to do better, be better, and want better for themselves. I never understood why you needed to wait until the new year to desire better, but that’s none of my business.

I make it a practice to forgo new year resolutions. Instead I practice getting better every day of my life. This past year has taught me to subscribe to nothing short of greatness, all while maintaining humility and gratitude along the way.

I literally had a rebirth at the top of 2017, and I promised myself to demonstrate kindness in everything that I did for myself. The same kindness that I demonstrate towards shoes that I love, and the bag that I adore is the same type of kindness I want to give myself. You see we are kind to things that we love and care about, and believe it or not we often times put ourselves on the bottom of the list.

You eat a trash ass diet because you are out of sync with your emotions and needs. Instead you band-aid those very emotions with poor food choices, and unhealthy eating. Unkind.

You don’t practice daily movement of your body in the form of exercise, because you have fallen out of love with your temple. Unkind.

You allow yourself to remain in toxic, unhealthy relationships, and neglect yourself of what you truly deserve. Unkind.

You say “yes” to every single request that is made by family, friends, and co-workers as you have forgotten just how valuable your time is. Unkind.

I need you to ask yourself whether the life you are currently leading is the one that you really want.

Are you in the professional field that you always dreamed of? If not, start taking the necessary steps to get where you want to be.

Is Tyrone really the man you want to spend forever with? If his behavior is trash, please toss him out on the next garbage day. You deserve to receive the love that you stand to give. I encourage you to work on yourself, and become the best version of YOU so that you are ready to receive “The One” when that time comes.

Do you love how your body feels, how it looks, how your clothes fit? If the answer is no to any of those things you must get your shit together. Complete a purge of your kitchen and get rid of anything that is of no benefit to your body. Develop a farm to table diet, eat for nourishment of your body and not your emotions, meal prep like a boss, implement a consistent workout regimen, and commit to treating your temple as such.

Is your tribe of girlfriends loving, prayerful, supportive, genuine, understanding, and litty? If not, you gone have to get you some new damn homegirls. I know that it is harder to build sustainable relationships later in life, but the shit isn’t impossible. I wrote a whole damn post about trash ass friends, and just what you can do with them....Finish Line: Our Friendship Has Run Its Course

Is your mental health clear, sound and in order? No? Alright then I’m gone need you to check your health insurance network and find a good therapist. Mental health is so damn taboo in the black community, as we are taught to simply give everything to God and pray on it. God ain’t got time for your madness, which is why he blessed the world with therapy and medication. A licensed health professional has plenty of time for your issues, and I demand that you find one ASAP so that you can roadmap your deep seeded issues, do the necessary work to get better, and begin to heal.

I need you to step back, self-reflect, and gain perspective of just who the F you are! You may have forgotten, stopped caring, or flat out just gave up. I’m here to tell you that I have been there right beside you, in the deepest trenches of life, and then I drafted a game plan to get my shit all the way together.

In 2018 and all the years that follow I want to place the practice of kindness to myself at the top of my list. I’m also striving to thrive and live the life that I want to live, with the people that I want to live it with. I need all you to join me on this journey to living a rewarding and fulfilling life.  
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Friday, December 1, 2017

Tis The Season: 2017 Holiday Wishlist

Nothing has changed....I still LOVE presents. In fact, I am quite obsessed with receiving gifts. I love receiving gifts from others, and I especially enjoy buying them for myself. Just cut out the middle man and get exactly what YOU want:) 

The holiday season is in full swing, and the stores are filled with shoppers. I prefer to do my shopping sitting on my couch, armed with an electronic device of some sort and a glass of chilled wine. This totally beats searching for parking, waiting in long lines, and just dealing with annoying people all together!

Get into my Holiday Wishlist 2017. Trust that I have already made a dent in this list. No worries as   there are a few things left that you guys can get, and have shipped to me..ummmkay!
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