Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Warfare: Protect Your Energy Sis!

Stop expending your energy on FOOLISHNESS. Understand that you have absolutely no control of the situation or circumstance, only your reaction to the same. It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be. PERIOD! 

They tap dancing on your last nerve down at your job? F them and their Mama! Guru Up and work on that Plan B without wearing yourself thin in the process. It’s a job, and if your name isn’t on the front door, tough shit for them. You are disposable, and replaceable. So, be cognizant of that when you are working late, coming in early, and dealing with flat out bullshit. You are ONE person. If they don’t like it they can hire additional help, or do it their damn selves! 

The guy you’re dating continues to demonstrate "F Boy" behaviors? Let that dude, his child like behaviors and his receding hairline go. Do better for yourself Sis! You don’t need that type of negative energy in your life, and he damn sure ain’t worthy of your energy. He can get right, or get left. It’s that simple. Know you worth, add tax, and better yourself while you await the MAN that will treat you in the manner that you deserve. 

Girlfriend being anything but a friend? Cut her ass right off! Toxicity depletes your energy, and literally sucks the life out of you. If all you have between you and said girlfriend is time served, move on. Demand that your friendships feed your soul, invigorate your spirit, encourage your endeavors, soothe your worries, and bless your life. Anything short of those things is unacceptable. Yes, the older you get the more difficult it becomes to build substantive friendships. So what...you’ll manage, and free up your cypher so that you can receive new energy, and new friendships.

Being everything to everybody. Stop that shit immediately! Family is notorious for demanding you be all things at all times. It’s impossible, it’s unhealthy, and it’s counterproductive to the practice of protecting your energy. A quick fix for this behavior is to simply say NO. I didn’t realize the joy and fulfillment that came along with saying NO until I started implementing it in my life. It rolls off of my tongue so effortlessly now, because I understand the value of my time and peace. I’m not killing myself to meet or exceed demanding, unrealistic, and selfish expectations of others. NO you cannot borrow money, NO I cannot co-sign a loan, NO I cannot buy your kid ridiculously overpriced designer goods, NO I cannot host you at my home every holiday and send you off with 10 Tupperware containers of food, NO I cannot sell your kid’s Girl Scout Cookies at my office, NO I cannot revise your resume for free, NO I cannot do your daughter’s prom makeup, and NO I don’t have to explain myself when I cut you off! 

It’s 2018, YOU have to prioritize your life, and make YOU #1. If YOU aren’t 100, nothing else matters. Work hard to make YOU, your needs, wants, desires, peace, happiness, health, and heart first in all that you do. This isn’t selfishness, this is intelligence. At the end of the day all the other stuff is irrelevant if you and your house of cards are out of order. My newest mantra in 2018 is: If it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t give it 5 minutes now! I promise this has been working miracles in my life as of late. 

I’m sending you all love, positive energy, and good vibes. Receive it, and hold on to it tight. Get out there and start working on your self-lovery, priorities, and protect your energy by any means necessary. 

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